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Vendor Compliance Chargeback Program

Boot Barn is committed to maximizing customer satisfaction. We recognize that, in order to accomplish this, our vendors are our partners in achieving this goal. This is why Boot Barn Vendor Compliance (VC) has developed detailed instructions outlined in Boot Barn Vendor Manual that must be followed by all vendors.

Why Vendor Compliance?

Customer satisfaction is associated with efficient processing of goods throughout the supply chain. The VC Department establishes requirements and constantly reviews, monitors and inspects all shipments, then reports and charges for all non-compliant issues. The enforcement of VC will improve the levels of accuracy from all vendors, allowing our Distribution Center (DC) to process goods effectively.

General Policy Explanation

  • To recover expenses incurred by Boot Barn due to vendors that have not complied with the Boot Barn Standards and Requirements outlined on the Purchase Order or Vendor Manual.
  • This policy is intended to support the partnership between Boot Barn and its vendors and not viewed as a revenue center
  • All vendor shipments delivered in error will be documented and subject to Chargeback offsets provided later in this Chapter
    • Chargebacks can and will be assessed by shipment, PO, carton, unit
    • A single vendor shipment with multiple errors may have each occurrence individually documented and charged back.
  • Each vendor shall be liable for any chargebacks that are incurred as a result of non-compliance to instructions and requirements within the Vendor Routing Guide.
  • Chargeback amounts are deducted from future invoice payments
    • If the invoice was pre-paid (paid prior to system receipt), Boot Barn will apply towards the next invoice
  • Boot Barn will provide a detailed description of the offset and provide documentation if necessary to file a claim



The Boot Barn Vendor Compliance department is assigned to the inspection of all inbound shipments. All shipments received by our Distribution Center/Store are expected to be in full compliance with our outlined requirements contained within this manual. All deviations from these guidelines may result in chargebacks to your company.


Vendor Chargebacks:

Offset Code Description Charge UOM Min/Max
Purchase Order Non-Compliance / Merchandising Chargebacks:
A1 Order was delivered to DC before Start Ship date. (Early) 10% of shipped cost Per Shipment
A2 Order was delivered to DC after End Ship date. (Late) 10% of shipped cost Per Shipment
A3 Unauthorized shipment (greater than +/- 5%) $10 Per Style
A5 Unauthorized Substitutions $10 Per Unit.
A6 Incorrect pre-packs 5% of shipped cost Per PO
A7 Incorrect Shipment Method Difference in Freight Charges Per Shipment
A8 Shipped to incorrect location $100 Per PO
A9 Special Events PO is late. RTV or Freight Per Shipment
A10 Two or more PO’s on same Comm Invoices or Packing Slip. (for AP) $50 Per Instance
A11 Missing Packing Slip details/ prepack information or any information is missing/incomplete/incorrect $50 Per Shipment


UCC Label Non-Compliance / EDI & ASN Chargebacks:

A12 No UCC label on carton. $5 Per Ctn
A13 Label located incorrectly on carton. $5 Per Ctn
A14 Barcode format is incorrect. $5 Per Ctn
A15 Barcode un-scannable. $5 Per Ctn
A16 Duplicate UCC label. $20 Per Ctn


Packing Non-Compliance / Receiving & Put-Away Chargebacks:

B1 Merchandise not in corrugated boxes. (India) $5 Per Ctn $50/10% of PO
B2 Bands, straps, wire, or other material wrapped around the carton (non-conveyable carton) $5 Per Ctn $50/10% of PO
B3 Multiple POs packed in the carton. $25 Per Ctn $25/10% of PO
B4 Multiple styles packed in the carton. $25 Per Ctn $25/10% of PO
*Exception for PO’s with mult styles that will fit all in one carton.*i.e. jewelry
B5 Mixed delivery. Not sorted or segregated as instructed. $50 Per Ctn $50/10% of PO
B6 PO Number not printed on the outside of each carton or not printed correctly. 10% of PO Per Shipment 10% of PO
B7 Carton count not noted on the outside of each carton or not printed correctly. 10% of PO Per Shipment 10% of PO
B8 Detailed Packing List not inside and outside lead carton. $100 Per PO $100 min/10% of PO
B9 Incorrect Carton Dimensions. $5 Per Ctn $50/10% of PO
B10 Cartons over or under packed. $5 Per Ctn $50/10% of PO
B11 Incorrect inner or pre-pack. 5-10% of PO Per Shipment 10% of PO
B12 Incorrect Hangtags or UPCs $1 Per Unit 10% of PO
B13 Missing Information on Hangtags or UPCs $1 Per Unit 10% of PO


Transportation/Shipping Non-Compliance/ Logistics Chargebacks:

C1 Incorrect/Late/Missing ASN $100 Per Style $100 min
C2 No Delivery Appointment Will be Refused Per Shipment  
C3 Trailer/Container not loaded properly (FCL) $100 Per Ctr $100
C4 Unauthorized Split Shipment 10% of style cost Per style $100 min
C5 Late Import Booking Pre-pay air freight or % of PO 25% of PO
C6 Cancelling scheduled pickup (domestic) $100 Per shipment $100
C7 Cargo not ready for pickup. Pick-up rescheduled $100 Per shipment $100
C8 OBL not received before Customs clearance $200 Per Diem $500
C9 Shipment not sorted by PO, style, color, and size $200 Per shipment  
C10 Defective Merchandise/ quality of merchandise RTV +COGS  
C11 No PP or TOP sample sent $100 Per Shipment $100
C12 Incorrect/Incomplete Address $25 Per Shipment


Documents (CI+PL) Non-Compliance/ Trade Compliance and Accounting Chargebacks:

D1 Failure to properly reference Boot Barn PO numbers, on shipments $50 Per Document $50/10% of PO
D2 Incorrect/Incomplete Commercial Invoices $100 Per Document $100/10% of PO
D4 No HTS on Commercial Invoice $20 Per PO $20/10% of PO
D5 Missing full style/commodity descriptions $20 Per PO $20/10% of PO
D7 No BOL or inaccurate/insufficient detail on BOL $100 Per Shipment $100
D8 Missing factory or beneficiary information. (for Import) $100 Per Document $200

The Boot Barn Vendor Compliance Department is available to answer any questions.

All charge-back disputes MUST be addressed in writing to