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    Product Testing Program

    Boot Barn has nominated BV and Intertek to be their 3rd party testing lab.

    Boot Barn requires that ALL product is to be tested in order to prevent costly product problems for Boot Barn, the vendors and their factories. Boot Barn’s expectation is that vendors should manage their testing program, by reviewing the Boot Barns /BV Softlines or Hardlines Testing Manual. Product testing is required on all Boot Barn Brand Products.

    All vendors must ensure quality before beginning production and when feasible, also use their own internal testing process to validate quality of raw materials, hardware and finished products.


    Contact Information:

    Boot Barn - QC and Vendor Compliance:

    BVCPS Contact Information:
    Account Manager: Carmelo Manna
         - Phone: 201-874-8480
    US Program Manager: Cora Gauthier
         - Phone: 508-844-2729

    Mexico Boots Only - Contact Information:
    Maria Félix Rivera Juache - Customer Service/Atención a Clientes Softlines
         - Mobile +52 55 4866 78 02
         - Office +52 (477) 774 69 38


    Testing Protocols

    1. Protocol- is a series of test methods used by 3rd Party Laboratories to evaluate a product. They are used to ensure testing is complete using Boot Barn's approved test methods and standards.
       a. All vendors are expected to contact BV or Boot Barn Quality Assurance to request a copy of the applicable protocols and ensure their understanding of our expected performance.

    2. Supplemental Protocol- This represents testing methods and applicable standards that may apply across a broad category of product types.
    a. Examples- Children’s Product Requirements, State Regulation
    b. California Proposition 65 Requirements- which includes Lead, Cadmium ,Phthalates and Chromium V1 for leather products.

    3. Laboratories Submission
      Test Request Form
    a. TRFS are used to communicate key data from the vendor to the laboratory helping ensure
    products are tested to proper standards.
    b. It is imperative that the TRF’s are filled out accurately and completely.
    c. Ensure that all styles are listed accurately on the TRF and the appropriate boxes marked off.
    d. Any missing or insufficient samples submitted to the labs will be on hold and further delay

    4. Product Testing Disposition Process.
    All reports will be reviewed by Boot Barns Quality Assurance and will communicate its
    disposition in case of a failure. Each case will be different depending on the type of failure but the outcomes include:
    a. Override the failure.
    Overrides will not be granted for safety or government regulations. Overrides will not be granted for severe failures
    b. Re test the specific failure that does not meet the requirements.

    All retests must be completed in a timely manner before proceeding to the next step.
    Failure to do so will result in a chargeback.

    a. Vendors must fully review each style during sample stage to ensure their garment can
    comply with Boot Barns requirements and standards. If standards cannot be met , they must communicate with Boot Barns Quality Assurance to request an exception.
    b. An exception for safety and regulatory test properties will not be granted.