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Vendor Partnership Guide


The Vendor Manual provides guidelines for vendors to follow with regard to merchandise management for Boot Barn.
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As Boot Barn continues to grow and invests in information systems, it is vital that the data shared between our companies be 100% accurate. We depend on our automatic replenishment systems to create purchase orders and as we continue to implement EDI, our ordering process will become more efficient. In order to make the most of these investments and to continue to prosper there can be no discrepancies between our purchase order and your invoice. In addition, the orders must be delivered on time as specified on the purchase orders.


Purchase Orders

PO Costs & Terms

  • It is imperative that our purchase order reflect the correct cost, units, terms, freight, discounts, style numbers and size. If a purchase order is received by the vendor and there are discrepancies, the appropriate merchandise manager is to be notified immediately. The goods on the purchase order in question are not to be shipped until you receive a corrected purchase order.
  • If an item is received by Boot Barn and discrepancies are noted between the invoice and the accepted purchase order, Boot Barn will take the more favorable terms.

Purchase Order Ship Date and Arrival Date

  • A very important aspect of our merchandise procurement process is the timeliness of delivery. An order delivered past the desired delivery date creates out-of-stock situations which reduces our service levels. Early orders cause interruptions in receiving other scheduled orders.
  • A Boot Barn purchase order will indicate two dates. It is essential that you understand what these dates represent.
  • PO TO ARRIVE ON – this is the date we want the purchase order to arrive at the designated Boot Barn location.
  • CANCEL IF NOT RECEIVED BY – this is the date the purchase order will automatically cancel in the Boot Barn system. Orders delivered at the store location outside of this date can be refused and automatically returned to the vendor at the vendor’s expense.

Back Orders
Back orders produce inefficiencies in our supply chain and increase processing and freight expenses. We encourage vendors to ship complete and allow only one back order per purchase order. Boot Barn will chargeback all freight expenses incurred in the shipment of back-ordered merchandise.

Order Lead-Time
It is the vendor’s responsibility to advise the merchandise manager of any anticipated changes in order lead-time. Unanticipated changes in order lead-time cause service level problems. By having advance notice of shipping delays, we will be able to accurately adjust our forecasts.

Discontinued Product
Discontinued product can cause continuity and service level problems. It is extremely important that our vendors maintain a steady supply of our stocked product. We encourage vendors to give a minimum of 120 days notification of product being discontinued. This notice will allow us to create the proper transition to alternative product. Product purchased within 60 days of the notification may be returned to the vendor for full credit. Under certain circumstances, markdown funds may be discussed and agreed upon with your merchandise manager.


Price Changes

Boot Barn requires a 90-day notice of any price increases.

Billing and Invoicing

All merchandise purchase order invoices must reference all of the following details:
– Date of Shipment
– Boot Barn Purchase Order Number
– Payment Terms
– Destined Store number
– Vendor style number
– Per Unit Cost
– Invoiced/Shipped Units
– Extended cost and Total Amount Due

Any discrepancies will cause a delay and result in a non-compliance charge back to the vendor.

Merchandise purchase order invoices are required to be electronically mailed to for payment.
– If you do not receive invoice payment, please escalate to our A/P Manager, Aurora Kadhom (

Original merchandise invoice(s) may be mailed to the following address (for record-keeping purposes):

Accounts Payable: Invoices
Boot Barn, Inc.
15345 Barranca Pkwy
Irvine, CA 92618

All invoices must reference all of the following: A Boot Barn purchase order number, store number, date of shipment, vendor style number, payment terms, unit cost, units, extended cost and total amount due. Any discrepancies will cause a delay and possibly result in a charge back to the vendor.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Orders

In keeping with our strategic initiative to improve operating efficiency, Boot Barn strongly encourages EDI, Electronic Data Interchange. This is a top priority for us and it is in our best interests to convert from manual processing of purchase orders, invoices and advance shipment notices (ASNs) to EDI. EDI will reduce the potential for lost or inaccurate orders by offering us an improved and more visible tracking of data flow. Through our partnership with Innovative Solutions we are able to offer a number of EDI solutions that fit the business and financial needs of our vendor partners.

The goal of ASNs is to facilitate receiving. To do so, the ASN is required to arrive in advance of the merchandise and it must also be 100% accurate in its representation of the shipment.

The ASN must comply with Boot Barn’s 856 4010 layout standards. All segments/fields are mandatory for a valid ASN.

If a vendor’s ASN data is causing downstream rework, such as a problem receiving due to bad PO/ASN data, a chargeback may be issued.

To begin the implementation process for EDI, please contact Bryant Denzmore, the Boot Barn POM/EDI Manager at 949-453-4400 x407.

Right of Refusal

Boot Barn reserves the right to refuse or return, without a return authorization any merchandise that falls into any of the following categories:

  • Merchandise received prior to the purchase order to ship date.
  • Merchandise received after the purchase order cancel if not received by date.
  • Merchandise that does not have a valid purchase order number.
  • Merchandise that does not meet purchase order specifications of style, color, size, quantity and/or quality.
Return to Vendor Guidelines


  • In the circumstances where a “Return to Vendor” (RTV) is to be created the vendor will be contacted to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number. If a RA number is not provided within 30 days of our request a storage fee of $100 per day will be imposed.
  • The RTV dollar amount, valued at our average cost will be deducted from any open invoices. This RTV number will be referenced on check stubs indicating that the RTV has been deducted.
  • If there are no outstanding invoices, the vendor is responsible to issue payment within 60 days. The check stub accompanying this check should indicate the RTV number so Boot Barn can correctly apply the payment. Checks or wire transfers are acceptable forms of payment. Boot Barn will not deduct the amount owed from other open Letters of Credits.


Expense Offset Policy

When merchandise is shipped to Boot Barn that does not comply with our Floor Ready standards, additional costs and delays to our supply chain are incurred. If vendors choose not to comply with our purchase order instructions, Boot Barn will take the appropriate deductions (chargebacks) from the vendor invoice. These deductions are intended to recover the costs incurred by Boot Barn for vendor non-compliance. View the chart here.

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